Importance of cybersecurity in companies

Cybersecurity in an organization helps to protect hidden information on devices from attacks to which it may be exposed.
  8/16/2022 1:28:40 PM  By: Monica Ramirez

"Typically, the largest number of attacks come in the form of exploits (computer programs), which take advantage of gaps and vulnerabilities in corporate systems. This quarter, however, we have seen a change in the behavior of cybercriminals, who are now trying to break into networks through phishing attacks, abusing the trust and ingenuity of people seeking information about COVID-19."

Cyberattacks are a big problem for companies that use information systems to store customer records or other information of great importance because if there are no cybersecurity measures, the personal information of users and the company, such as financial accounts and places of residence among other data can fall into the hands of people outside the organization and use it unscrupulously, also generating a negative financial impact on the organization. Following cybersecurity protocols will help reduce the chance of a security breach occurring.

Digital security measures also prevent an organization from being seen as vulnerable to the public, creating a poor brand image. According to the OTA Violations and Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčIncident Trends report, 93% of cyber attacks can be prevented by taking simple cybersecurity measures like updating software, blocking suspicious emails, not using unsafe Wi-Fi, and training staff. For this reason, companies need to invest in cybersecurity, only in this way will they be able to protect their data, and that of their clients and be able to achieve their objectives without inconvenience.

Organizations that invest in cybersecurity are more effective at evading these attacks. It is not advisable to ignore the security of a company's information since it is not known when an attack and theft of this information will occur. The larger a company is, the more likely it is to suffer a cyberattack as it is more economically attractive, but all companies, large and small, are exposed to these attacks.

Every organization must invest in cyber security such as antivirus, antispam, protection against data leaks, firewalls, encrypted connections, etc. To ensure a higher level of protection of your information. With this, it will be possible to detect vulnerabilities and minimize attacks through the implementation of controls, reducing attack vectors, the probability of being attacked, and the impact it could have on the organization.

Some people still believe that there are no risks on the internet, but this is not the case, it is important to create awareness about these, train people, and prepare them for a cyber attack, through security policies and the use of secure systems. can achieve this goal.