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We are a Costa Rican firm dedicated to the development of custom software and digital marketing, with permanent innovation features. Each of our projects is based on a need for social connection.

We are dedicated to visualizing current communication scenarios at the local, regional and global level, to provide ideal and forceful solutions, with a transcendental force that has a positive impact.

Web Design

Development of informational or transactional websites

Mobile Development

Development of apps for Android and IOS

Custom Software

Software development for small and medium-sized companies

Professional Brand Design

We create the visual identity and the impact force of each brand

Data Analysis

Review of business data, analysis and planning of results through our solutions

Digital Marketing

All digital platforms united under the same strategy

Why Us ?

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Our History

Araya & Monge begins operations amid the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. Veronica and Allan combine their knowledge in technology and communication to start creating products that meet the needs of customers and those of today's society. Veronica has the CEO role and Allan has the CTO role, togehter they lead the firm

We strongly believe in experience, and we love to bring that experience to your brand and together exponentiate your business. We offer you personalized support based on response needs, we also offer budget adjustments based on your needs and capabilities

Our Mision and Vision

As a firm, our mission is to create a social impact through digital products and we want to turn each project into a facilitator towards human development. With the desire to deliver the best solutions for our clients, we work with recognized and quality vendors that help achieve it.

Some Of Our Business Alliances

We work with other companies in order to offer the best services and applications, banking services alliances, ecommerce and hosting

Finance and Banking Services

Hosting and Cloud Services

Some of our products

Here is a list of our ready to go products. We can configure these applications in order to work with your business, also we can do some changes in order to adapt it to your needs. Take a look at these and let us know if they fit your requirements.

Reservations Software

Due the covid, a lot of churches, offices, and different buildings need to control the amount of people in their events, this software helps you to do that.

Condominium Admin Software

Software dedicated to admin all the data for your condominium, visits tracking, houses, security and more...

Single Ecommerce App

Do you need to sell your products online? This is the web page that you are looking for, single, fast and straightforward

Some Of Our Clients
Multidisciplinary teams

Teams made up of developers in Costa Rica, India and the Philippines, with different capacities and experience for agile software development and the creation of quality products

A&M Blog

We have some lectures that you might be interested to read

Here in our blog you will find some lectures related to our firm, business, software development and more, even if you are a tech person or not you will enjoy reading our quick entries, with very useful info that we are very happy to share with you


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