Non-office new model

The new model without an office allows people to have more control over their time. Due to the change in work preferences.
  1/28/2022 7:19:50 PM  By: Monica Ramirez


This model has taken more strength since it allows more flexibility and independence in the labor field because there is no place or fixed work schedule. Most people can do the same work from a home office or in a place that is more comfortable.

In recent years and after the COVID-19 pandemic, telecommuting or working from home has increased even more. This new office model offers many benefits such as saving time and money, there is also the possibility of contracting from anywhere in the world, allowing the company to expand worldwide.

Some disadvantages of this work model are that there may be detachment from the work team or from the company itself, also, the worker can work more hours without realizing it. For this reason, a correct organization of time and tasks and good communication and social tools are essential for people to interact.

This new model without an office requires important digital tools to be possible. Every day more benefits of totally remote work are seen and with the daily
advancement of technology, it is even more possible.