Why do we need more women in tech?
  9/16/2021 11:56:24 AM  By: Emilyn Frugalidad

"Because we need greater balance"


Gender equality continues to be a major issue in the corporate world, and women continue to be disproportionately underrepresented in the corporate pipeline. Men and women approach situations differently and bring distinct perspectives to the table. This enables more effective problem solving, which can aid in specialty unit execution. Consider the total purchasing power that will be available to you as a result of combining sexual orientations with diverse backgrounds and nationalities.


Ladies think in novel ways. In essence, connecting with a different group enables individuals to better prepare for and anticipate elective perspectives. The presence of women teaches people to anticipate differences in assessment and perspective and to accept that they should work more diligently to reach an agreement. That type of pressure is beneficial to everyone.


Finally, we need more women to take on administrative roles, men to take on additional family responsibilities, and managers to embrace a more adaptable work environment. We live in a highly connected and global world, and organizations/establishments that are more diverse will perform better.