Business reinvention due to the pandemic
  9/8/2021 12:22:06 PM  By: Monica Ramirez

2020 was a year full of difficulties for many companies, having a considerable drop in their income. Due to COVID19, different companies and businesses had to close permanently. But others reinvented themselves and started in the online commerce sector. Due to technology, many companies were able to continue with their business and convert it according to the needs created by the pandemic. Many businesses were created in 2020 out of the need for people who had lost their jobs.

Keep in mind that people's needs changed due to the restrictions of the pandemic.Consumers can no longer go out to buy a product and instead go directly to electronic commerce.

On the other hand, for other companies, the pandemic was a great boost and they benefited from this global situation, such as Paypal, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix. Because its services are through technology. And its capacity for innovation,adaptation and business resilience.